Miscellaneous Writing Tips and Tricks

Do you have a writing tip or trick that you don't see listed below? We'd love to hear from you! Please let us know about writing resources we're missing! *This page is always being updated!

Resources for K-12 Writing from ThoughtfulLearning

Citation Machine — Write Smarter, Cite Accurately (we love to teach people about citation in writing, and the dangers of plagiarism.)

Special Needs – Teacher Resources (Grades K-12) from Teacher Vision (the staff here at Ready 2 Write Services feels it’s very important to give every person a chance to learn. If you or someone you know has any form of disability that prevents you from excelling, this web page can help. It provides free resources for a plethora of disabilities, including autism, ADHD, mental health issues and accessibility problems, just to name a few. We use this website a lot!)

Word Traps - Common English Errors

Oxford Dictionaries | The World's Most Trusted Dictionary Provider

Daily Writing Tips (This website gives you one tip a day dealing with all things writing!)

Plagiarism and Student Writing

How to Write an Expressive or Descriptive Essay

Graphic organizers for writing (learn how to organize your random thoughts and ideas into cohesive writings.)

Student Guide to Academic Writing & Research

GrammarCheck.net – check anything you’ve typed up with this grammar checker. (The first few uses are free, and after that, it just depends on the length of the document you are checking.)


Plagiarism - The Writing Center (learn the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing and how to avoid plagiarism in your writing.)

Writers Workshop: Writer Resources (this is the jackpot for writers! Tons of writing tips that cover topics like writer’s block, using quotations, comma use, connecting/writing for your audience, how to structure paragraphs, and more. You can even search the writing help by genre, such as resume, literature essays, scientific reports, and more!)

Cliff Pickover's Tips for Writers

Tips for Writers - National Council of Teachers of English (Covers topics such as connecting with your audience, overcoming writer’s block, determining what to write about, and more.)


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