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Here are Ready 2 Write Services, we are avid readers. We love reading so much, that we even started our own book club that meets monthly. (Please see our contact us/about us page for the dates of our book club events!) If you’re wondering why we’re such cheerleaders of reading, here are 10 Benefits of Reading Books. Reading not only keeps your mind sharp, but it also educates you and stimulates your imagination. The staff here at Ready 2 Write Services heavily emphasizes reading comprehension.

Free Classic Books Online at Classic Reader (you can search by authors, titles, or genres...such a great place to start if you’re looking to start reading some classic books and novels!)

Reading Comprehension Passages, Questions, Vocabulary | this site allows you to personalize lessons and skill practices for age and level! All for free!

Books That Shaped America - from the Library of Congress (Chosen from a public survey, these books were voted the most influential on the lives of Americans. We think it’s so interesting to see what the public chose, in addition to the dates of the publications! The first book dates back to 1611!)

International Dyslexia Association (if you or your child has trouble reading due to dyslexia, the international dyslexia association might have information and resources to help you!)

Common Reading Comprehension Problems and Solutions

Target the Problem - Reading Help

Tips for Supporting Reading Skills at Home - Institute of Education (this is a .PDF file!)

Reading Rockets | Launching Young Readers

Teaching Reading Comprehension | UC's Master of Education Online Program

Developing Reading Fluency (Reading fluency is so important to understanding what you’ve read and overall concentration on what’s in front of you! We love teaching fluency!)

Library of Congress Young Readers Center

Focused Reading Passage Worksheets (these reading comprehension worksheets are perfect for those students who need extra help on focused reading!)

Reading Comprehension Worksheets – here are free reading comprehension worksheets for (recommended) grade levels K-5.

Helping Your Child Improve Reading Skills (some great tips and tricks on here from HuffPost!)

KidsBookshelf - Bringing Children and Books Together


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